Saint Martha Prayers

Saint Martha

Aid and Protection Prayer

Saint Martha, I resort to thy aid and protection.

As proof of my affection and faith, I offer thee this light, which I shall burn every Tuesday.

Comfort me in all my difficulties and through the great favors thou didst enjoy when the Savior was lodged in thy house, intercede for my family, that we be provided for in our necessities.

I ask of thee, Saint Martha, to overcome all difficulties as thou didst overcome the dragon which thou hadst at thy feet.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Saint Martha Prepared Petition Candle

Prayer to overcome difficulties

“Glorious St. Martha, humble & obliging servant of Christ, comfort me
in my grief and afflictions.
Intercede for me and for my family that we may always preserve our
lord in our hearts , that our needs may be taken care of. Especially
________(make request) I beg of you St. Martha , intercede on my
behalf with your lord. I beg you, vanquish my difficulties as you
conquered the dragon at your feet. Amen

I promise you, I will light _______(number ) anointed candles for you
when you grant this request. ”

Prayer for Retribution

“Oh Virgin Saint Martha , dominator of the serpent. You who saved a
child from sure death when a serpent was coiled around him, in this
way dear St. Martha through the intersession of Saint Cipriano, I
ask that you free me of all malice and punish anyone who wishes me
harm by allowing the serpent to dominate him,
Curling up around his body until he repents and gets on his knees to
ask for forgiveness.

This way I surrender my faith to Saint Winslow and Saint Cipriano so
that my husband (or lover or boyfriend) attends to me only . Amen.”

(Saint Cipriano serves the poor and is the protector of the less
fortunate & homeless. He also protects travelers and from any harm
coming to you. I have no information readily available on St.
Winslow, however.)

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