Saint Martin Caballero / Saint Martin Of Tours

San Martin de Caballero

Saint Martin Caballero, you are the patron saint of good luck, work and money. Bring good luck to my home, may I never be in need of a job. Please bless me, O Lord. Bring luck to my business, may I always have a steady flow of customers. I ask this in you name, O lord. Bring money to my pockets, bring good luck to my purse, bring success to my wallet, bring riches to my home. Hear my prayers, Jesus Christ. Protect me from those who would see me fail. We ask this in the name of the Lord thy God, Amen. Pray 7 “Our Fathers” and Pray 7 “Hail Mary’s

Candle for special requests


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      1. I pray that it all work out for me and my family I get hurt at work a year ago and now I’m going with workman’s comp to get my settlement please dear Lord help me I can no longer go back to the same job I had and everything would help me if they give me what the lawyer is asking for this happening on October 31 2017 San Martin hear my prayers thank you

        1. I Believe In You San Martin Caballero please help me with this time of need I really would like all this to come to an end for me and be blessed with everything thank you dear Lord

  1. I’m asking for a special prayer for my family , on August 2 foreclosure on my house begin , lord hear my prayer help me in this time of need , financially I can do this ! Bless our home with work money and all our need , rebuke all who is trying to do us harm ! I pray that you take care of our children , Gabby who is disabled , Joshua , Cody , keshun and ziriah Amen !

    1. Amen, I pray that He work it out in your favor, bless you and your children…send blessings in all areas of her life and her children’s life Lord Jesus

    2. I ask god to heal you and your loved ones. Physical mentally and spiritually. May u and ur children be with out any need of anything for our god knows what u need. I rebuke u satan and all ur evil doers that prowl the earth for the ruins of souls. The blood of Jesus covers you from head to toe. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

  2. I Pray Lord this pray, please bring your Holy, Peace, Love, Joy, Into my home remove anything or one that is holding me back, I pray for the right people to come into my life as it is changing In a way it has never changed, Thank you Lord for this pray, Please Bless my with work to provide a roof over my head, whatever your will be done. Amen !!

      1. Through the name of “i am that i am” the sacred name of god spoken on mt senai unto meses i ask humbly before creator to send forth san martine to the aid this person and unto me after.

  3. I’m asking for a special pray for my business & family that my family always be blessed and safe and my business will stay up float so we can continue to provide jobs for family and provide for our family in Jesus name amen

  4. My san martin i need you help in a financial blessing. My grandson needs surgery in his mouth, but they need money down before it. Im asking with all my heart for a big financial blessing. Thank you

      1. Angel of prosperity I need you in my business. Please may I always have a steady flow customers in my shop purchasing goods. In Jesus name AMEN. I will be happy to share my testimony if you answer me lord

  5. Thank you for this prayer. I’m looking for job and waiting on interview. It is very tough financially. God bless you for this great website.

  6. Dear God I ask for prayer that you show me and guide me what you want me to do right now I clean houses for myself but business has slowed down a lot and I never can count on constant full of money I put an application in at a place for a caregiving job and I’m really excited about it and nervous that I just asked you show me and guide me what to do. Amen

  7. Please St.San Martin Cabellero hear our​ prayers tonight we our in true need to know if these evildoes our up to playing tricks on us again with our lives We beg of you to give us a sign to know we also are in need of good luck for employment and money we will forever be grateful to you if you answer us and will praise your name forever…Thank you….Amen

  8. Saint Martin Caballero. Please help me with my business and the other business i’m handle. Please give us more good company contractor ckients. Please give us the right people and goid company’s . I pray that will be known in triple A contractirs who is goid in paying thier contractors. I wish tokwing construction corp. Will coneback to us and have business for long long time. Please help me to give me a new business venturess. I pray to you in your name . Amen

  9. St Martin Caballero,
    Oh God help my niece Andy she is having problem with her family her daughter ran away with financial work house too much rent pay $1,000 a month help husband I am getting divorce and hope everything goes well hope my daughter comes back she’s only 16 I got to put this in your hands to give me strength and courage to move on with my life amen

  10. My name is Sandi, I have two boys and two girls one girl run away with the 19 year old boy and she is only 16 I’m having hard times with her she doesn’t listen the other three girls okay they listen to help me St Martin Caballero I put this in your house to help me with my Finance in my home my work and my family give me strength give me courage amen

    1. Dear san Martin I ask you to help us with our finances and that I am not working I got hurt at work and to help me with the settlement that I am wanting on and my Retirement money that I deserve from the schools and my back pay from workmans camp where I got hurt please help us with our finances love you we need your help

  11. Saint Martin Caballero please help me. I’ve been seriously struggling financially for the past year. My workflow is not as steady as i would like it to be. Asking you to bless me financially and abundantly so that i may help others in need.

  12. A few years ago I prayed to Saint Martin Caballero. I prayed consistently probably for a few months.

    My prayer was specific and I used the candle from the dollar store and used the English prayer on the back. Of course I used my specific petition for that portion of the prayer.

    I’m so grateful that God and Saint Martin came through for me. I didn’t thank Saint Martin properly at the time because I wasn’t aware you had to do anything else besides a thank you. I hope my public thank you Saint Martin satisfies you and I can’t wait to work with you again.

  13. Thank you Saint Martin Caballero /Saint Martin of Tours,for being used to help bring hope to GOD’s people.I am going through so much, at times I don’t know if I am going to make it to see another day. Please pray for me and my the situation I am going through. And I ask GOD to help anyone who might be in such a situation or any situation at all for strengt,strength and more strength. I feel I am parazaliz in my situation because I can’t believe that people can be so heartless and so very inhuman I am truly struggling with life every day,but by the grace of GOD I am still here.Thank you JESUS for the empty cross.Amen,.

  14. O lord I need your prosperity in my business. I need business contract supply of electrical material and accessories worth of millions of naira. May I always have a steady flow of customers in my shop. Please lord Jesus christ protect my finance from the hands of evil people. AMEN

  15. I ask you Saint Martin Caballero to bless my famil and protect us from those whom want us to fail bless us with good luck with jobs ,financial problem bless us thank you amen 🙏

  16. St. Martin Caballero

    Lord please help me out of this financial bind that I have been in for so long. I ask that you allow me a financial blessing so that I can stop existing and start living a full healthy and happy life again. Bring family and new people into my life to help me so I am not lonely and alone anymore. Allow me to pay it forward as well. I would be forever grateful. I have faith that you will answer my petitions and the petitions of others who are struggling financially and praying to you for help as well. Thank you for the things that you have done for me already and I await the new things you will help me with in the future. I believe in your compassion and love for all of your children. Thank you Dear Lord and amen.

  17. St.martin pray for me and my family in this time of need ….help us pay our mortage and get threw this Financial set back ….in the name of Jesus Christ . Amen

  18. Thank you Lord, and St. Martin, for starting to answer my petition. Things are better than they were. I continue to request more help to sustain me through these difficult financial challenges. I am very grateful for the graces you have bestowed upon me to date, and will continue to be grateful for all that you do for me now and in the future. Please help others who are struggling financially as well. I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  19. Thank you, San Martin Caballero, for all the good works you do in Jesus name. Please help me so that I may go forward to help others and help to change their lives also. San Martin Caballero please help me get a life changing job on November 25,2019. I need the health insurance to save my life from a terrible illness. I need the money to keep from getting evicted from my home and losing my car. I just lost my dog. Please help me to heal from the pain of his death. I know he is heaven now. In Jesus name I pray for strength. Amen.

  20. San Martin Caballero please help my family with a financial blessing and help my daughter get hired with a good job where she will be happy, confident and successful and let her get the health insurance to get her medical problem attended to. Please bring luck, money, happiness, and stability to our home and remove all evil and negativity. I thank you in Jesus name. Amen

  21. please need help on money to come in fast to get out of debt.i own a business and people not paying fast enough ,I call them all the time but no one come across it, I have so much bill to pay, im falling and very stress,

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