Prayer to Forget a Love

Prayer to forget a love

I decide to forget, leave behind, that person has been my affections . This stage of my life is over , a cycle ends and another begins. I welcome what life brings me here and now , as the here and now is all I have actually . I leave the past behind, do not worry about the future. I send blessing to that being  that I send away from me , and let it go, I give to the Universe . Also give the memories of the good times ; images of those memories are losing brightness and color, blur and away , until lost from sight. No one is indispensable. Love is one, the Universe , and as that person gave me , so I took it off , and I can bring someone who truly complements me . farewell I say goodbye to nn I walk away from my pain, I know that God wills By that comes a new love.

 Broken heart

My Guardian Angel if all this love that I feel and cause much pain and he is not going to come back to me , help me to stop suffering and blows in my heart to the love that is not going to produce fruit go me and stop me sad . I know that this experience has been for my personal growth and needed to happen but will not continue the relationship and take him off my heart. I thank you for loving and feeling that love and I thank you for your help to forget if for me either .

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