Help is HERE..

Hello, I am 1Elemental. I have been brought to you to assist you with many things. I have the natural ability to sense your inner feelings as well as see that which you cannot show. I am very in tune with all vibrations and energies.

I create many things based on my pure intuition. Some of which are here on my site. I create prayer boxes, maternity belts, necklaces,I add special charms, ointments, oils, candles, portraits, baths for cleansing of home and body as well as  Tarot readings.

I have the God given ability to read anyone from corner to corner of the world with just a name. I never ask any questions to “get a sense of who or what is going on” These things are just revealed to me..Period..

Most of these things I have not posted pictures of as yet as these things are made to order and I usually do not get a chance to take pictures of them.

I want you to know that I am in tune with my spirit and most spirits around me. I do not channel them.  However, they manifest their connection to me through my dreams and  you may and can experience them as well. Everything I offer you was not learned through a book, or any other means. I was chosen very young and I am just trying to live up to their expectations. I hope to be of service to you and yours.



Please feel free to contact me directly via a comment on any of my post. If you do not wish to make it public just state :PRIVATE: and I will respect your wishes.

God Bless You and all those you Love. I am here to help and offer guidance.

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  1. l want a prayer to separate two people together which are breaking a marriage a married man and lover ( I want it to be private) I can send you the name of the two people Isabel and Gerard

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