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  1. Glorious St. Helen, glorious St. Helen, glorious St.Helen, daughter of the queen of Jerusalem. You brought three nails, one you brought, you consecrated and threw it into the sea on Tuesday; the second you gave to your brother Cyprian to conquer in battle and war; and the one that is still in your holy hands I ask to borrow and not to be given, to nail it into the senses of Marty Gomez so that he doesn’t forget me; to bury it in his forehead so that he always has me before him; and pierce it through his heart; St. Caralampius, bring him to me; St. Helen, the nail I ask you for is to nail it in his thoughts so that he is always thinking of me; may St. Helen come, may he not be able to lie down in a bed or converse with another woman; as a rabid dog may he come to look for me; Saint Varon, I ask that he never forget me for another woman; Jesus Nazarene, bring him to me; St. Barbara, may Marty Gomez never forget me; Saint Anthony, may Marty Gomez keep the promise that he made me; Saint John the Baptist, saint before you were born, may he keep his promise by the holy shirt they have put on you today; St. Michael, step on him; St. Cyprian, hear me and lend me all that I ask; Helen, move his heart with that wand that you have with you; St. Helen, bring him to me. AMEN

  2. Santa Helena I ask you that Nicky opens his eyes and his heart and that he facing what his parents what him to do because he owns his life he’s happiness he deserves to be happy with whom he’s heart love that who is me i pray that he comes back to me and telling me that he face his parents on the decision they wanted him to do Webb in reality he didn’t want to I pray that he comes and we can be together for ever happy that we get to be until death forming a family together and that matter what we have to face together that we both have each other and love and support!! Amen

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