Angel of Prosperity Abundia Prayer

Angel of Prosperity Abundia Prayer

Angel de la Prosperidad Abundia
Angel de la Prosperidad Abundia

Bring us all your Abundance Abundia .
Bring us your funds flows ,
Serenity and divine love to have them to get them.
Bring us the faith of your wealth, you big Abundia , give us wealth of thought, feeling. Lady bring us your fresh fruits,
Bring us vegetables , bring sweetness.

Bring us Gold also bring us blessed ,
Bring us your stones , rubies , sapphires . Bring us , your , prosperity.
Open coffers , get your cornucopia And open source key , damages and banana jets flows especially with the supreme love of God , With the fervor of prayer , with great faith , security, prosperity, hands God.

Abundia , Abundia , Abundia , great angelic being, Abundance ask to you with love, you hear this prayer with great fervor . Prayer of petition .
We thank you Mrs. Abundia , you bring plenty of new plans and new things,
All blessed by God our loving Lord.


2 thoughts on “Angel of Prosperity Abundia Prayer”

  1. Thank you Saint Abundia , Thank you for bring prosperity and blessings to me, thank you Saint of prosperity 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏼

  2. Thank you very much Angel Abundia for your blessing towards my family. 🙏 I cannot talk your enough for everything you have done for us.

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