Work it with Psalms

Psalms health

To cure diseases and protect against damage or danger Psalm: 2, 6, 9, 12,20
For a person under the influence of alcohol is secure wherever you are. Psalm 37
To combat the pain Psalm 39, 41
Remove fever Psalm: 49, 67, 105, 107
To recover from a snakebite Psalm 137
Healing of deep wounds Psalm 146

Psalms for business: and work

For a business to thrive and succeed
Psalms 5, 108, 114
To protect against unjust defamation of business reputation. Psalm 36
To protect an unfair partner and find a solution to this Psalm 63
Concerns invading Psalm 46,
These disillusioned about your job Psalm 126
When businesses go wrong Psalm 37, 46, 92

Psalms to get rid of bad habits

To not be swayed by the senses and passions

Psalms 56, 59, 69
To forgive a person who forgot to do his duty
Psalm 117
To change a negative character for one dedicated to doing good
Psalms 86, 87, 88
To master the pride
Psalm 131,
Parra fulfill the duties and responsaiblidades.
Psalm 132,
To get rid of a great hatred
Psalm 137

Psalms required to obtain favors and gain legal problems

To receive a favor of a person who holds a senior post
Psalm 5, 15, 21
To receive a particular grace or favor of God
Psalm 32
To make high honors
Psalm 92
To enter a reunón with people of high position and receive approval
Psalm 113,
If you fear to lose a case in court
Psalms: 7, 20. 38, 93,
To find a favorable reception in court
Psalm 119

Psalms for safety

For 24-hour security
Psalm 13
To be free from fires and floods
Psalm 76
To be protected from sudden and violent dead
Psalm 116
Evittar caputrado to be in a situation of war or civil unrest
Psalm 83
To be safe from any theft or danger planned
Psalm 50,
To discover a thief without being damaged or injured
Psalm 18

11 thoughts on “Work it with Psalms”

    1. depending on what you are needing, yes you can simply read the psalms verse you need with faith and daily and it will help you to solve the issue, if you require something else, thats where I come in to the scene.

        1. YES I make all candles based exclusively for your needs, they are made to order with your described needs, I also do tarot reading and I do not require any information regarding your specific situation. All I need is your name. I send you a full detailed email with all the information that comes out I read all the cards not just a few hand picked ones 😀

  1. Been going court for a while now with someone who was representing themselves taking notes etc. Whilst the case was going on in court and he was talking i wojld always say psalms 27 verse 14 when the prosecutor was talking or witnesses against the defendant i would say psalms 37 verse 1 yhen this morning the day the verdict was to come back i woke up and read psalms 5 15 21 32 93 113 some in entirety and others in parts and the verdict came back not guilty. Giving Thanks for petitions granted and blessings bestowed.

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