Miracle Prayer to return a Lover

Glorious St. Helen, glorious St. Helen, glorious St.Helen, daughter of the queen of Jerusalem. You brought three nails, one you brought, you consecrated and threw it into the sea on Tuesday; the second you gave to your brother Cyprian to conquer in battle and war; and the one that is still in your holy hands I ask to borrow and not to be given, to nail it into the senses of (name) so that he doesn’t forget me; to bury it in his forehead so that he always has me before him; and pierce it through his heart; St. Caralampius, bring him to me; St. Helen, the nail I ask you for is to nail it in his thoughts so that he is always thinking of me; may St. Helen come, may he not be able to lie down in a bed or converse with another woman; as a rabid dog may he come to look for me; Saint Varon, I ask that he never forget me for another woman; Jesus Nazarene, bring him to me; St. Barbara, may (name) never forget me; Saint Anthony, may (name) keep the promise that he made me; Saint John the Baptist, saint before you were born, may he keep his promise by the holy shirt they have put on you today; St. Michael, step on him; St. Cyprian, hear me and lend me all that I ask; Helen, move his heart with that wand that you have with you; St. Helen, bring him to me. -Pray 5 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Marys

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    1. Saint Helen I am thanking you before my prayers are even granted . Please return the love between KB and MM so that KB can love MM the way he first loved her . Please reunite the two and never separate them again . Thank you .

  1. Dear St.Helen,
    Please intercede on behalf of me to Lord Jesus to make my boyfriend commit to me,love me and make our bonds stronger than ever.Please make all evils surrounding us casted away in the name of Jesus. Let your grace and love surround us always.Help us to get married and have a blessed life.
    In the name of Jesus I ask this, AMEN.

  2. I beg you please, let G love me completely and miss me even before I leave to go overseas. Make him long for me with all his heart and soul to be with me. Please let G ask me not go overseas’; but to stay with him and be with him and love him forever. Please G and I be together asap now and forever.

    Thank you for granting my prayer.

  3. I beg you to please help me to get the love of my life sarah back to me and forgive me if i have done something wrong.ireally misses her and know she does as well .please helpus ot unite back and become one.

  4. Please saint Helen interceed in my marriage so it can and will be saved from the evil my it cast away in the name of the father son holy spirit AMEN MAY YOU HELP BOND AND MAKE MY MARRIAGE STRONGER THEN EVER AVE KEEP THE NEGATIVE AWAY FROM US PLS HELP ME SAVE MY MARRIAGE FROM A EVIL PERSON AMEN MY OUR LOVE GROW EACH AND EVERYDAY AMEN THANK YOU SO MUCH

  5. Saint Helen please intervene in all my love troubles. Me and Anthony are meant to be together and happily married, but evil forces are trying to separate us. Anthony has been sick with depression which is causing him to act out of character and mistrust me. I can see everywhere that men around the world are being negatively influenced to give up belief in women and love. I beg you to restore the passion and fairy tale love we had. This man is my heart and joy. I want us to live together in harmony. Please help me!

  6. St Helen please return my ex lover David Ware to me. I want us to be able to talk and be cordial and civilize with eachother. At the end of it all, i do still love him and forgive him for all what he has done to hurt me and destroy me! I love him so much and miss him. Please help his heart, mind, body and soul. I would like for him to very much apologize! Please help him St. Helen to come to me with a valuable and considerate heart felt please because i am still in love with this man and cannot get him off my mind, body and soul.

  7. St Helen,
    Please bring him Rudy to me and make him faithful and to desire me like he once did. Let him have no happiness with no other woman but me,
    Thank you for hearing my petition and granting it.

  8. While it seems so very dark now.. I know there is a light on the other side… and Oliver is my heart and soul. He is my soulmate. He is everything that I need in my life.. and I wasnt there for him like be needed me to be. Now that I’ve hit rock bottom and had intense heartbreak, I see all that I would and would never do. St. Helen and Father God… hear my request. Give me one last chance a d push apart Nicole and Oliver. Help them feel a natural disconnect and help them separate so that Oliver and I could have lunch and rekindle within the year. I ask this not out of selfishness but we have spent the last ten years together and I am physically dying without him. Father God and St. Helen, he is the father of my unborn children and the husband I will go to the grave with. This other girl feels the same. How could be both be right about one man? Father God, St. Helen, help me prevail for Oliver and I are divine and deserve to be married as weve always desired. Naturally drive Nicole away so that he and I may rekindle and be married! I trust that what is divine will happen and pray Father God that you choose me while St. Helen brings him to me with his heart full of memories and longing for me. I love you and thank you for hearing my prayer.

    1. St Helen thank you for all the blessings bestowed I ask that you intercede n my behalf and bring this man to me so I may make him my lover and he may never wander.

  9. St. Helen, please intercede in our relationship.. He doesn’t care or love me and does everything that would hurt me. The happiness between us is lost and we don’t smoke or love anymore . The beauty that relationship had is lost in arrogance, jealousy, control on my end and indifference, taking for granted, nom willingness to change at his. Please St. Helen let there be miracle such that from this moment we be together for ever, happy joyous, caring together

    Please St. Helen.. I plead .. kindly intercede

  10. Dear lord,
    Help my guy (Joel Correa) to able to trust me and understand me .lord I give him to U to change him and help him to stop being angry with me, please I may have done things am not aware of plz forgive me and forgive him too. Our relationship was built on a very uncomfortable grounds lord U R the all make and I pray for U to make it a comfortable one for us. Help me to gain de love he has for me because U are the all loving father. Lord please help me. My boyfriend is giving up on me. We are in a long distance relationship and I think he’s getting tired of it. Please don’t let him give up on us I love him so much. Help us find a way to be together, I wanna be with him for the rest of my life. Enlighten his mind and remove all the worries away. Lord God I know nothing is impossible to you, v supposed to get marry but now i lost him because of my mom i told her that until and until he is settled ill not get marry but she messed up everything she only thing of money and property she gave bad word to his parents because of her mistake she beat me with shoes and now i’m 26 years old in this age she beat he with it? and being a mother she gave bad words and said many bad things to Joel’s parents.

  11. St. Helen, St. Cipriano, Queen Pomba Gira please intercede in my behalf and help me bring back my ex lover. I still love him very much with all my heart. Please help me bring back the love that we lost and remove all obstacles that we may face in our reunion. Please remove any woman that is lingering in his life that is blocking him from coming to me. Please help me. Thank you St. Helen, St. Cipriano and Queen Pomba Gira. Thank you. Thank you.

  12. St. Helen please help me to get my friend back TuTu Mitchell back that I have fallen in love with back in my life. I pray that when you bless him back in my life that our bond will be stronger so that enemies with negative energy want be able too come between us. I pray that he comes back into my life soon so we can start this wonderful journey together of love and happiness. Thanks in advance st. Helen for helping me.

  13. St. Helen, I ask intercede and bring back my love FS to me CR. Seoaratw him from his ex-wife and any other third-party situations, Make our love, lives as strong as they were in the beginning and was until our break up, something happened which I am still not understanding. He is my true love the only one in my heart now and forever. Upon his return I promise to love, honor, cherish him and and love FS the rest of my life, I do not wish to be courted, loved, touched by any other that is not FS. May FS come back to CR and ask to start over, new stronger beginning, stronger love just as we wanted before to be together until the end of our days. Together we are stronger and can defeat all persons and obstacles that interfeared in the past. Please bring back FS, I CR will forever grateful and thankful for all your help and will Light a candle every month beginning the day that he returns to me. I asked this in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

  14. St Helen
    I need to thank you in advance of the blessing and healing of my life long relationship with RC
    Amen amen thank you amen 🙏

  15. Saint elena thank you in advance that my prayers will be answered.please don’t let my G.G and K.G separate again in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit.


  17. Thank you for your previous help, St. Helen and St. Anthony. My prayers were swiftly answered… And then I dropped the ball. I did not continue or follow through with my faith due to negative emotions. That was wrong of me and prevented any miracle from happening. I apologize and am so grateful for your forgiveness and compassion. The last few months have been very dark and I am looking to you for guidance and for the love of my life, MAC, to keep his promise me made me, by not giving up on us. Please help him through his mental health demons. Exorcise them from his beautiful heart, mind, and soul. Please give us the strength and courage and devotion to get through this rough patch. I love you. Thank you.

  18. st helen please pray that my boyfriend comes back to me now..i really miss him so much please forgive our sins and reunite us. pray that his family also accepts us .i want him back in my life please pray for me amen

  19. St.helen thank you for having my husband call me everytime I say this prayer.Please have now to bring all his things so we can live again with our children that GOD blessed us with Amen.

  20. St.Helena I need your help in my time of need. please intercede in my behalf and help bring back Lucy and reunite us. PLEASE HELP ME.

  21. Im saying thanks in advance this is day 2 and I added another to the mission of bringing back wlb with a clean heart a determined mind and love and adoring me and only eyes for me nj. Thank you Pomba Gira, St. Marcos and St Helens for your help in my time of need work swiftly to turn his heart and mind back to me. Get rid of all bad influences in his life and in himself all bad personalities vanish never to be seen again all bad friends to be ignored and forgotten bad habits taken away only love for me remain along with honesty trust and wanting to make our relationship work. I know you 3 can change him tame him. I believe in you. So it is so shall it be it is Done…

  22. Thank you St. Helen for hearing my petition to reuniting RM with VLD and letting him remember how much he loves her and how much they achieve when they are one in Jesus Name…St. Helen make RM never desire nor want another woman other than VLD in Jesus name, block any evil doing or saying away from RM so he may return to VLD with an open heart in Jesus Name… Feel the relationship with pure joy and happiness…let RM never forget how much he loves VLD more than anything…I thank you St. Helen in advance of your miracle in Jesus name I pray amen amen amen…

  23. St.Helen, I beg you to please hear my prayer request. Please bring my ex fiance , Gabriel back to me. I miss him so much and would do anything to have my family back together. Please help him find it in his heart to forgive me for our past. Help us forgive one another and to learn how to be kind and patient with one another and to love each other unconditionally. I want us to have a healthy and happy relationship and to hopefully one day get married. Please please I beg you.. make Gabriel call me and come back to me. To only have eyes for me and to only love me. I want to be more than enough for him.

  24. Third day I have said this prayer woke up to a message from James telling me he was wrong and he wants to see me.
    I was too hurt to pick up the phone bc he sounded very hurt in his message. St Helen and all the Saints involved please continue to intercede on both our behalf’s.
    In ten years this was the worst fight we have ever had. We were both wrong and said things we shouldn’t have.
    I just want the man I know he is back. I miss the love. I miss my Best Friend.
    Thank you

  25. Saint Helen
    Please continue to intercede. Although James and I spoke he is very full of rage because I wasn’t feeling completely comfortable in going to see him.
    He knows he has done things wrong in the past but he refuses to acknowledge things and tries to put blame on me.
    Now I wish he never contacted me but I still love him very much. I’m just asking for your help that he reveals his true intentions or leaves me alone.

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