Oracion al Anima del Retiro

Bendita anima del retiro , te invoco para que utilices

Tu abundante poder para alejar a ______ de­­­______

y te lleves a lejanas tierras su maldad con la

que amarro a mi amado/a que borres de su mente sus

artimañas para encantarlo y fingir amor, que no haya conjuro

ni hechicería que le surta efecto Y que se alejan y no soporten verse.

Mi felicidad depende de tu glorioso poder de alejar las intrigas,

Las dudas, la inseguridad que han hecho que se aleje de mí, y de mi familia

Aleja también al mal vecino al mal familiar, sanguíneo o político que este interfiriendo

y cizañando para sembrar la discordia y el odio en mi relación.

Destruye su maldad y egoísmo y trae a mí y mi familia

La felicidad y tranquilidad que buscamos y merecemos.

Cuanto yo te pido, me lo has de conceder.

Ánima del retiro separa a______de su amante______.

Que no sientan placer ni disfrute cuando este juntos.

Que se rechacen y sientan asco de estar cerca , siembra el odio,

La duda y engaño Entre ellos.

Te Invoco con fuerza para Que me cumplas pronto

lo que te pido con esta petición urgente y llena de confianza.

Anima del Retiro,

Yo pido que me retires a todo aquel que mas daño

me pueda causa, a todo aquel

que camina buscando al brujo, o hechicero

malo, aniquila su poder, y revierte su maldad y asi poder

vivir en paz y armonia con

(Mencionar el Nombre de tu Pareja)

Te invoco y te ruego que todo

lo que pido sea concedido.

Por el poder de tu fuerza espiritual,

Así sea. Así será.



English Version- Prayer to Anima del Retiro

Blessed Anima del Retiro, I invoke you to use

Your abundant power to remove ______ from______

and you take to distant lands its evil with the

that I bind my beloved that you erase from your mind your

tricks to enchant and pretend love, that there is no spell

nor witchcraft that works for him 
And that they go away and can not bear to see each other.

My happiness depends on your glorious power to ward off intrigues,

The doubts, the insecurity that have made him stay away from me, and my family

It also moves the bad neighbor away from the familiar, 
blood or political evil that is interfering

and conspiring to sow discord and hatred in my relationship.

Destroy their evil and selfishness and bring me and my family

The happiness and tranquility that we seek and deserve.

When I ask you, you will grant it to me.

Recollection spirit separates______ from her lover______.

Do not feel pleasure or enjoy when you are together.

That they reject and feel disgust to be near, sow hatred,

Doubt and deception Among them.

I invoke you with force so that you will fulfill me soon

what I ask of you with this urgent request and full of confidence.

Anima del Retiro,

I ask that you remove me from anyone who harms me the most

I can cause, to everyone

who walks looking for the sorcerer, or sorcerer

bad, annihilates his power, and reverses his evil and thus power

live in peace and harmony with

(Mention your partner's name)

I invoke you and I beg you all

what I ask is granted.

By the power of your spiritual strength,

So be it. So shall.


7 thoughts on “Oracion al Anima del Retiro”

    1. Hi I’m Maria I’ve recently done the candle and prayed and he has looked for me twice for sex and has been ok talking or texting or face timeing but now today he just blew up and now is mad and blocked me from calling or texting him I don’t know why he changes his mood of course I know he is bipolar. But still what is wrong. I have all my faith that it’s been working and faith that he will come back

  1. Said the prayer and lit the candle to remove an individual from my life. Why can’t I remove him from my mind, or my dreams?

  2. I have been doing the candles back, to back, to back. This intrusive wench is falling behind and my husband is getting closer to me. I will continue to burn them religiously. Great faith is key.

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