My main goal is to spread the power of prayers. Prayers that can help you or a loved one in a situation. Prayer help remove negative energy  and can uplifting the  spirit. I offer you these prayer free of charge. I have posted them in both English and Spanish for your convenience and is available to all who need it.

This is a labor of love and faith. I dedicate most of my time to keeping this going,
I would really appreciate the contributions of those that can and are able as I hope to continue to grow and continue to spread the power of prayer as well as other very useful information.  I rely upon the financial support of those willing and able to help me  grow this site.
I work from home in order to take care of my ill son which is what motivates me and the reason why I know for a fact that Prayer saves lives.  Saint Lazarus and Saint Benedict watch over my son and help him and  help us keep him longer.
If you would like for me to light a candle in my alter on your behalf, please send me notice via my contact page of your donation amount and prayer request and I will gladly do that service for you.
If you enjoy the service I provide and would like to assist me with a financial contribution, donations/gifts can be sent to via Paypal


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