Angel Pull Out Candles with Spiritual Oils

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1Elemental Angel Candles are pull out candles created with a specific Angel(s) in mind. These Angels are known to help in many situations or they can be used as an offering for the assistance provided.

Angels are the right hand of  God.  They offer clarity, assistance and love. They are the with us every minute of our lives even though we might not know it. Ever heard that little voice in your head trying to guide you? Ever get that urge to do something or not to do something? That is them and God created them to  help us all.

I personally dress each candle with oil, herbs and powders. They may even have an inscription if so desired free of charge.

Faith moves mountains let my candle help you and guide you. The candles last between 7 to 9 days. If used in combination with their dedicated prayer there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Some of the Angels used but not limited to are:

Arc Angel Rafael:


Used to clear paths, concerns with health, psychic and spiritual development, influence over others, trips, find lost objects

Color: Green or Yellow:  the angel of healing

Arc Angel MichaelSt. Michael, the Archangel

Peace, Victory in battle, remove evil energy, Ask for help, assistance with influencing a boss or someone of a high position / rank obtaining riches, physical health

Color : Red or Green:  leader of all the holy angels

(prayer) (candle)

Arc Angel Gabriel:archangel-gabriel-image

Helps with reconciling, Dreams, Love,trips, feminine fertility, protection of the home, women

Color: White:  the angel of revelation

Arc Angel Uriel:St._Uriel

Magical Intentions: The unexpected and the force of magnetism. All inspiration, astrology and matters of divorce .

Color: Blue -Green:  the angel of wisdom

Other Angels and their Candle Colors:

Arc Angel Jophieljophiel

Color: Yellow: the angel of beautiful thoughts

Arc Angel Chamuel:arcangel-chamuel

Pink: Chamuel, the angel of peaceful relationships


  • Arc Angel Zadkiel:archangel_zadkiel
  • Purple: Zadkiel, the angel of mercy


These are just a few of the one I have worked with and there are many many more.



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