Hex Breaker Candles / UnBlocker

$ 110.00


This is a set of 2 candles that are prepared to remove voodoo, hoo doo, witch craft, blockage  and many types of works  and energies.  With these candles you will be able to alleviate and even break what ever type of spells are being done to cause you or your loved one harm. These candles are burned 1 after the other. And a special revocation prayer will need to be done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you still feel that energy is still lingering you may do another set of candles.

The Saints Used will be Saint Michael or  Saint Elias or Saint Alex

If for any reason you cannot light your candles I can light them for you – just add lighting fee.
If you choose this option please use code NOSHIP at check out to remove the shipping fee.


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