Love and Unity Spell

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This spell is a time sensitive spell, it can only be done during special times below you will have a chart which indicates when I can do this spell. This spell uses the energy of the full moon to create a binding spell. This spell requires pictures and the names and Day and Month born for the 2 people which will be in this spell.

This spell includes 1 Pink candle and 1 prepared mason Jar to which the pictures and names will be added to the spell.

Pictures can be emailed to me. Please add the names and info in the memo area at checkout.

Here are the dates for the upcoming year.
January 12th Full Wolf Moon 6:34 am
February 10th Full Snow Moon 7:33 pm
March 12th Full Worm Moon 10:54 am
April 11th Full Pink Moon 2:08 am
May 10th Full Flower Moon 5:42 pm
June 9th Full Strawberry Moon 9:10 am
July 9th Full Buck Moon 12:07 am
August 7th Full Sturgeon Moon 2:11 pm
September 6th Full Corn Moon 3:03 am
October 5th Full Harvest Moon 2:40 pm
November 4th Full Beaver Moon 1:23 am
December 3rd Full Cold Moon 10:47 am


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