Protect Me Oil

$ 35.00

Protect Me Oil- Essential Oils used to bring an aura of  PROTECTION. Calling Upon the Angelical forces of the Arch Angels use this oil when in fear for safety or just everyday protection.

2 ounces

Available on backorder


Body Oils for Safe Passage and Enemy repellent

I use only the strongest oils and herbs to create this repellent.

Great for use with Candles or on the Body.

Unisex fragrance good to wear for man or woman.

Wear this oil daily for continuous protection from danger and evil energies.

You can add a few drops to your bath for heighten energy.

You can also add few drops to RED candles to concentrate the energy around you.

Bottle is 2-oz

Use Protection Prayers Found on my site.


( this is not a prepared bottle for  long term protection )



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