Pull Out Candle Dressed with Energizing Oils

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Energy Candles, anointed and ready for use. Can be used for luck, money, love, health, vitality and much more.

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Pull Out Candle Dresses with Energizing Oils

1Elemental  candles are anointed with energizing oils, powders and or herbs. They last between 7-9 days.
These types of candles are known as pull-out candles and they are used for many purposes, such as the ones mentioned below,
but also made with specific Saints, Angels or situations in mind. (see Altar Candles)

Created in combination with Names, Places dates and so on.
These colors can be used for these purposes:

Black: Protection, Banishing of Negative Energies

Green: Prosperity, Abundance, Health, Fertility, Giving, Recieving, Earth Element, Resonates with the Heart Chakra, and
Archangel Raphael.

Blue: Good Health, Healing, Joy, Water Element, Resonate with the Throat & Third Eye Chakras,

Purple: Spirituality, Friendship, Divination, Meditation, Magick, Tranquility, Dream Work,Spirits, Resonates with the Crown

Yellow: Personal Power, Happiness, Joy, Success, Sun Energy, Determination, Resonate with the Solar Plexus Chakra

Orange: Emotional Balance, Mood Boosting, Energy, Will Power, Sexuality, Motivation, Resonates with the Sacral Chakra

Red: Love, Passion, Courage, Strength, Grounding, the Fire Element, Resonates with the Root Chakra, and Archangel Michael

Pink: Love, Romance, Passion, Femininity, Motherly Love and Children, Friendhip, Purity

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