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3 Candle combo for removing unwanted person from your life.

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My Saint Alex petition candle is dressed with Oils and powders

to repel and move away any unwanted person or situation from your life. When you pray to Saint Alex and make your petition this prepared candle can assist in speeding up the process or removing.

Saint Alex in Spanish means to push away or move away.

Useful for protection, remove unwanted neighbors, false friends or anyone that is not beneficial in your life or the life of a loved one.

Great to use if you have a family member who is doing “wrong” things due to “bad friends : associates. Keep those bad influences far far away.


Candle last 7-9 days is continuously lite.

This is a 3 candle combo, You need to light them one after the other.  In order to remove unwanted person from your life.

There is a $20.oo Lighting fee included in this total, If you wish to light them then yourself consider the fee as shipping cost , just include the shipping address in the note section of checkout.


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