Saint Cipriano Candle For Fidelity

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Saint Cipriano Fidelity Candle.

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Saint Ciprian has been used in many fidelity request to keep a lover from going stray.

In combination with his prayer he can help you keep your husband, boyfriend from cheating, sleeping with other woman.

He is often used with Saint Helen of Jerusalem and Saint Martha which also help deal with these type of situations.

The Candle is green or purple. I dress them with blessed oils to energize the candle. The name of the individual as well as other inscriptions will be made to the candle wax for maximum efficiency. (please add name at checkout)

If you are having these kinds of problems or just want to control that from ever happening then this is the one you need.

If you need to buy more than 1, please let me know and I will give you a special deal.

Also, I can burn these for you if you cannot burn them at your home, however, the dedicated prayers are still you responsibility.

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