Saint Jude Shadow Box Savings Bank

$ 30.00

Saint Jude Savings Bank is the perfect way to save up for that rainy day or special event. He will help you fill it up in no time.


Today I bring you the just completed

Saint Jude Savings Bank

this is a mixed media art box that features a glossy portrait of Saint Jude and  handmade flowers and embellishments.  It has a window in the side panel with a Key lock and that swivels around to open.  It features a tea-light with easy on-off switch at bottom of frame box. Battery can be change with no fuss. The dimensions are 8in x 10 in x 5in.

The frame comes with a glass windows front.  Saint Jude is apprx  7in tall by 4.5in across from shoulder to shoulder.

See pictures below for more details.

All Shadow Boxes styles will vary, for this specific look please specify when ordering.



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