Santeria Pull Out Candles Using Saints

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1Elemental Santeria Candles are pull out candles created with a specific Saint in mind. These Saints are known to help in many situations or they can be used as an offering for the assistance provided.

Saints are wonderful creations of God. They once roamed earth through out different periods of time. They offer clarity, assistance and love. They are the strings by which God helps us all.

I personally dress each candle with oil, herbs and powders. They may even have an inscription if so desired free of charge.

Faith moves mountains let my candle help you and guide you. The candles last between 7 to 9 days. If used in combination with their dedicated prayer there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Some of the female Saints used but not limited to are:

Our Lady of charity:

caridad del cobre

protection of home and family and also immigrations, love and money (color is yellow)

Holy Child of Antocha:nino de antocha

Assistance with all matters, Strength, court matters, relief of problems (color: Yellow)

Our Lady of Guadalupe:guadalupe

Peace, sickness, luck for the month (color: Pink)

Our Lady of Mercy:our_lady_of_good_remedy

Special favors,peace, get out of jail

(color: white)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel:


Prevention n of accidents or sudden death, special favors

(color: white or brown)

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal:Mother-Mary-Love-HD-Wallpapers4

Health, addictions, special favors, deter danger, blessings

(color: white or blue)

Saint Anne or Ana:


Assistance with becoming pregnant, Love and Lovers ( color: white or Pink for love)

Saint Barbara:

barbara torre

Remove wickedness, protector of women, problems with love, marriage, luck with gambling, removes obstacles, liberation from prison, Special favors (color: red)

Saint Clare:


Clarity of mind and understanding, overcome difficulties, protection from sickness of the body and soul, addictions (color: white)

Saint Helen of Jerusalem:

helen of jerusalem

Return a wandering lover, find new love, overcome depression due to love. (color: red or pink)

Saint Martha:

Saint MarthaReturn a wandering lover, financial problems, the home, dominate a resistant man, make husband or boyfriend faithful, find new love, dominate and conquer enemies ( color : green or purple or white)

Saint Alex:


Desperate cases, addiction, get out of jail, Keep aways enemies, Keep away harm wished upon by other, Make someone go away

(color: Green plus white plus red recommended to use all 3 at the same time)

Saint Anthony:

Saint Anthony - San Antonio

Special needs, find lost objects, recover memories, Marriage, problems with love, return a lost love, financial problems (color: brown: favors, Green:money, Orange: Marriage)

Saint Expedito:


Resolve disputes, Make things happen faster when needed

(color: Yellow)

Saint Santiago Mayor:

santiago el mayor

Defeat enemies, clean passage of obstacles, Justice

(color: red)

Saint Joseph:

Saint Joesph Novena

Find employment, sell your home, eliminate hunger, for couples

(color: Yellow)

Saint Jude:

Saint Jude Shadow Box

Difficult or impossible missions / need, money, find a job, court cases, release from prison and special favors

(color: green)

Saint Peter:

saint peter

Success, remove obstacles, better business, bravery and valor, good luck, Fortune, Remove evil Spirits

(Color: Red and White)

Saint Ramon Nonato:

Assistance with pregnancy, child birth and many more
Assistance with pregnancy, child birth and many more

Stop gossip, Help in becoming pregnant and protecting babies, being wrongly accused

(Color: red)

Saint Ciprian:


Long Journeys, protection of impending problems, protection while in jail, help finding a home, remove bad neighbors, cheating spouses

(Color: Purple)

There are many more, if you are looking for a special one just let me know.

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