Separation Candle

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My Separation Candle  is dressed and annointed to assist you in making someone go away from your life.

It will repel and separate any unwanted person  from your Spouse or your life.

You can pray the Separation prayer make your petition using this prepared candle, it will  speed up the process or removing and making that other person leave from around you.

Useful for remove unwanted neighbors, false friends, traitors or anyone that is not beneficial in your life very useful in situations of infidelity. If you know the name of the person send that to me when you make your order so I may inscribe the candle in that persons name.

Candle last 7-9 days is continuously lite. ( May take up to 3 candles)

I can inscribe the candle with the names of the two people you want to separate just leave it in the memo at checkout.


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